Commissions and services

Standard Character Commission: (Information, prices and timing).

Prices on character drawing I divide my art services in different stages

– Stage 1: Concept and Sketch.
– Stage 2: Detailing and Inking.
– Stage 3: Coloring and shading.
– Stage 4: Textures and ornaments.

My base price is actually 50USD per stage. So a standard complete character design has a total cost of 200USD.

The estimated time to finish a complete character project is around 5 days after the first payment is done (50% in advance of the total by using Paypal at the address: This estimated time may vary a little depending the amount of projects in which I’m working in that moment and the complexity of the character.

The way I work is quite simple and usually effective: I sketch or lineart your character first and when it’s completed, I will send you the sketches asking and waiting for your approval. At this point you can ask me to modify it as you consider adequate and only when it entirely satisfies you I will continue with the rest of the process.

During all the process I will be in contact with you sending continuous updates, in fact I’m very communicative when I’m working and I love to have continuous feedback with the costumer assuring always a very positive result in the project.

If you are interested in hire my services, I will need as much information about the character or the characters in your party (description, story, goals, backstory, etc…) and your needs about the project and we can speak about it!

Annex 1. Discounts:
– I offer discounts for students who can’t afford the complete price (proof of it is required) and I also offer discounts for people who is interested in ordering over one character. (every extra character increases the discount).
Other custom prices may be discussed according the needs and expectations of the customer, increasing or decreasing the standard price.

Annex 2. Disclaimer:
-Extra creatures or characters others than the main as: Doppelgangers, mounts, familiars, pets, or different clothed versions of it are not included over the main price and they will increase it over a 40% per unit.